"absolutely imaginary" Chapter 06, to the Theory Of Everything -pre-publication-


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Product number: ISBN: 978-3-9522646-0-7/KAP06
Product information ""absolutely imaginary" Chapter 06, to the Theory Of Everything -pre-publication-"
The book "absolutely imaginary" has been completely revised. Selected chapters from the book have been published in advance and are thus already available for download. Currently only available in German.

How something emerges from nothing seems to be the key to understanding about everything. Now a sustainable scientific extension is announced. Chapter 6 will bring together the fundamentals that have been worked out. The principle "in the (infinitely) small, as in the (infinitely) large" is now united into a Theory of Everything.

The findings presented here finally prove to be the "missing link" we are looking for, which establishes the mathematical unification between quantum physics on a small scale and the theory of relativity on a large scale. The key is called the holistic calculus.


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