"absolutely imaginary" -chapter 04, fundamentals of mathematics (Digital/ PDF) -pre-publication-


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Product number: ISBN: 978-3-9522646-0-7/KAP04
Product information ""absolutely imaginary" -chapter 04, fundamentals of mathematics (Digital/ PDF) -pre-publication-"
The book "absolutely imaginary" has been completely revised. Selected chapters from the book have been published in advance and are thus already available for download. Currently only available in German.

In chapter 4, the most elementary basic mathematical operations are first examined with regard to their physical meanings. Herrmann Grassmann's " theory of expansions" already pointed out the decisive differences between addition, multiplication or self-mutiplication. Its relevance lies precisely not only in the mathematical realm, but above all in simple physical and chemical applications. Why has this elementary knowledge been lost?
Subsequently, the mathematical laws move into the focus of the reflections. The physical relevance of the commutative law proves to be of central importance. Only this one law still forms the "basis of a new science" derived by Hermann Grassmann. However, if one looks a little deeper into the inner processes, then it is only natural to look for physical/chemical meanings of the associative and distributive laws. Mathematics or physics can be so simple?
Finally, we look at the meanings of the numbers "-1" and "+1" derived by Albert Einstein. Here, too, we are building on knowledge that has mostly been forgotten. The number zero is similarly significant. Its chemical or physical significance is still greatly underestimated today. If we finally turn to the significance of the golden section, Euler's identity or the circular number pi, the first important connections quickly present to us.


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